What is the function of a “micro switch”?

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Microswitch is a kind of quick change-over switch actuated by strain. Micros switch is a contact mechanism with micro contact interval and fast action mechanism. It is roofed with a shell and has a drive rod exterior. Because the contact distance of the switch is comparatively small, it is also known as a delicate switch.

Working precept:

the exterior mechanical force acts on the action spring through the transmission parts (press pin, button, lever, curler, and so on.), and when the action spring strikes to the critical level, it's going to produce instantaneous action, in order that the moving contact and the fixed contact on the finish of the action spring can be shortly related or disconnected.

When the pressure on the transmission component is eliminated, the action spring will produce a reverse action drive. When the reverse stroke of the transmission element reaches the important level of the reed, the reverse action is accomplished instantaneously.

Use of microswitch:

Although the microswitch is small, it plays an irreplaceable role in our daily life. It can understand automatic management and security protection in the gear requiring frequent circuit switching.

Selection of micro switch

- Check case specification, keep away from circumstances that are one hundred% regrind.

- look for cycle life specifications. If not listed, ask for test results.

- confirm case glass contents

- look for locator pins and silver plated material.

- examine leaf spring design, materials and specification.

- examine for spring for deburring and heat treat hardening.

- verify heat dissipation capability.

- check for clean actuation.

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