Dating Tips : The Do’s and Don’ts of Dating

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There have been a lot of stories on blunders, faux pas, and booboos of even the most stunning or handsome dater.  In this article we copied from dating site (dating tips), let’s talk about the dos and don’ts of dating to ensure that you will not commit the same mistakes.

Dating Tips – The Do’s of Dating

  •  Plan ahead—Never underestimate the importance of planning ahead when it comes to dating.  Just like other things, it requires time, energy, and creativity.  Make arrangements before the special day and let your date know that you put some thought into the day or evening.
  •  Look your best—One of the most basic dating tips you should never forget is to look your best.Although the physical is not everything, no one can deny that it is the first thing that people see and if you want to give a good impression to your date, it is imperative that you look good outside.
  • Be punctual—Never show up late on your date.  It’s like telling the other person that you are not as interested as he or she is in your meeting.  It would also tell him or her that you have a poor time management skill.
  • Be generous in giving compliments—Both men and women typically put a lot of effort when they’re going on a date.  Even if your date is not strikingly handsome or beautiful, you will surely find something good in his or her looks.  Give a compliment or two.  It would make him or her feel that all the time and effort he or she spent preparing, paid off.
  •  Be interested and interesting—These two are also very important dating tips you should keep in mind.  People like it when others are interested in what they’re talking about so make sure that you hang on to every word that your date is saying.  Throw some witty questions and comments.  If you’re equally knowledgeable in the topic, share your own insights or even first-hand experiences. This will automatically engage your date even more.
  •  Enjoy yourself—The date is for both you and the person you’re with.  So, bear in mind that you’re not supposed to work too hard pleasing him or her.  It’s important that you enjoy yourself too.  Although the quest for love can be a serious business, it wouldn’t hurt to have some fun also.  Throw jokes here and there, especially if your date loves humor.  You can never tell how many points he or she would give you for the times you made him or her laugh.
  •  Stay positive—It’s necessary to always stay positive because it will tell a lot about your personality.  Put yourself in others’ shoes, you wouldn’t want to be with a pessimist, would you? So, it’s another important point of dating tips that you have to work on.  Positivity is also vital especially when your date doesn’t end well.  One failure is not supposed to kill you.  Sometimes, your really have to meet the frog first before the prince or princess.  Keep your head up and look forward to the time when you’d be with the right one.

Dating Tips – The Don’ts of Dating

  •  Don’t be desperate—Once your prospective date agrees, stop calling, texting, or e-mailing him or her until before your scheduled meeting.  It may send him or her a message that you’re desperate.  No one would like to date a desperado. It’s just a major turn off.
  • Don’t lie—Many dating tips will tell you to be interesting, funny, and engaging.  While they are really good, some people tend to overdo it to the point of lying.  The rule is, never lie.  Impressing someone by telling a silly lie is never good.  It will haunt you later in the relationship.
  •  Don’t get busy over others—there are people, especially men, who can’t help but check out on others while they’re on a date. NEVER do this.  No matter how subtle you think you are, your date will surely know and that’s an utter disrespect to him or her.
  •  Don’t date someone who’s married— you may be surprised that this item is included in thisarticle on dating tips. Well, sad as it may be, there are just a lot of people who date married people.  Never commit the same stupidity.  It’s not like the person will leave his or her family for you.  Besides, if it were the other way around, would you want to be with someone deceitful?  You know the answer
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