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If you are looking to increase Telegram members for free, my first advice to you is to look for your target members, you should check where and how your target members are in Telegram.

If you want to have a strong telegram channel with millions of users, your brand theme must also have its own user.

This means that you must know for which statistical community you want to work in Telegram.

Other days of buying fake members, increasing likes, comments and… are over.

Any site that advertises to increase members is definitely a scam or is trying to get you a huge fee for this purpose with the tricks we are going to cover in this article.

You are definitely familiar with our goal in the article on increasing free telegram members and post views.

In this article, we want to fully explain 35 ways to increase real members in Telegram:

1) Have a thoughtful strategy in Telegram

If you want to make money from your social network, the only way is to have a strong plan and strategy.

This increase in Telegram members is an excellent goal that must be achieved with special planning and strategy.

Now for this purpose you have to ask yourself some questions. Why do we want to increase channel members?

These three items were the target of 90% of Telegram channels to increase members:

Branding and reputation in the virtual and real world

You need to set a goal to increase the number of free telegram members so that you can better plan for it.

Using telegram channel analysis is the most important way to start this goal.

2) Know your target users

In order to be more successful in your goal of buy Telegram members and post views, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, you need to know your target community.

Clothing store, website design, SEO and… each have their own target users.

If you identify your target users correctly, you can easily increase your Telegram channel members.

To better identify your target users, you should ask and answer the following questions:

What age group are our audiences?

If you want to work in the field of family psychology on the Telegram channel, your statistical population is definitely for ages 23 and up, or better to say, for married people who have started a family.

The same idea shows you what the design of the channel template should be according to its age.

What the tone of the content should be, and finally, which channels should be used to promote the channel.

Well, this question is for those who have face-to-face sales and specialized sales for a specific group of people.

For example, if you want to attract more contacts by installing free telegram members in the field of air conditioner installation and related services, your target audience is your fellow citizens.

What is the profession and skill of our audience?

This can help you in many ways. In order to increase the actual members in Telegram, you must produce and publish content that is of interest to users.

If your audience is programmers and site designers, you can get them interested in your channel with the latest tricks and news in this field.

When and how do our audiences use Telegram?

The answer to this question is very simple. If you are planning to produce humorous content, you should know that humorous content always has its audience at all times.

As a result, you should have several posts ready to publish during the day.

Are your audiences challenged with something?

 Answering this question can help a lot in creating a challenge and engaging the audience with the Telegram channel.

Asking questions in stories, riddles in posts and challenges like this, can engage the audience in your channel and even make the audience think of you always and everywhere, and even serve as a mouth-watering marketer for you. .

Answering these questions will help you design and produce the right type of telegram content to reach people in this virtual space who are most likely to follow you.

It also allows you to focus on the needs of the audience and focus on them and produce and present the best according to their wishes.

3) Be specific in everything

This may not directly increase the number of free telegram members for you. But indirectly, it has an amazing effect on increasing the number of your members.

What we mean by being special is having a certain style in producing and publishing your posts, like having a specific format, in the same way in stories.

You are supposed to introduce your brand to everyone with Telegram.

It is better to have a certain style in captioning, content production, post publishing, story publishing, live holding, challenge.

User realizes that this product or content is for you, regardless of the channel name.

This is the best way to prevent content from being copied by other channels.

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