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ACT Math is often the bane of students’ lives. It’s common to find students frustratingly stuck in the 26-32 score range. Without a minimum score of 34, top US schools are going to be out of your reach. It’s no surprise that ACT math tutors are in great demand and normally very expensive to hire, forming the chunk of your overall ACT tutoring cost. Now if you are amongst the students who has opted for an ACT math tutor then we want you to get the best out of it. Here are some of the best ACT math practice strategies to score high in math.


Play to your strengths


You need to approach ACT Math practice a bit like how Harry approached the dragon egg contest in the Tri-wizard tournament. Play to your strengths. We don’t mean to say you study only Algebra because you like it and entirely drop Geometry practice from your ACT study plan. If you want a 36 score you don’t have that option unfortunately. What we mean is, you get so good in your strong suit topics that you tackle all the questions with lightning speed, leaving you with sufficient time to go through the harder topics. Your ACT math tutor will help you sharpen your strong suits such that you ace any question in that skill area. Simultaneously, you’ll learn to ‘manage’ your weak spots and develop specific competencies to get by in the ACT test. 



Remember, every ACT math question is solvable in a minute. That’s how they’re designed. So, if you’re getting stuck somewhere you’re approaching it wrong. The key thing about pacing in ACT Math is to get a sense that you’re exceeding your time budget on a question. The loud alarm needs to go off inside your head to get moving if at 40 secs you’re still unable to crack the question. One of the things your ACT math tutor will teach you about pacing is linked to the previous point about strengths. Let’s suppose you are good at arithmetic, your strong suit, and take under 40 secs per question. When you’re at trigonometry, your weak area, you’ll have over 1 min 10 secs per question, taking the pressure off a bit. gogoanime


Tips, tricks and hacks - learn them all


Get your ACT math tutor to equip you with every kind of hack to solve questions and solve them fast. The technique of elimination is about striking off options that are obviously wrong, and then then back solving with the remaining options. Plugging numbers is another ACT math strategy. It works if you must choose one algebraic expression from a set of choices. Plug in numbers that are easy to work with to arrive at which expression works. Experienced ACT math tutors will have several such hacks for each topic within ACT math practice that will save the day for you.


Memorize formulas


This is particularly relevant for ACT Math (as opposed to other competitive tests like SAT) where you’ll be tested for application of formulas. Make a list of important formulas and pin it up. Go through them every day. 


Get to the bottom of every wrong answer


Your ACT Math practice will go up two notches in effectiveness if you follow this strategy with discipline. After every practice test, circle the questions you dropped or got wrong. Then go over each of these questions with your ACT Math tutor and analyse what made you uncomfortable about that question, the formulas associated with it, the approach you’re expected to use and the quick hack to do it under 60 secs. If you follow this diligently for about 2 to 3 weeks, take it in writing, you’ll see a dramatic improvement in your ACT math scores. Act math


Intuition is not an answer


It’s one thing to be clueless about a question and making a random guess. It’s another thing altogether spending time on a question and finally solving it through intuition. We warn you not to get into the habit of choosing an answer based on intuition. Your ACT math tutor will train you up on making an “educated guess” as a last option, but pure intuition isn’t an option.


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