10 Android and iPhone Bokeh Video Applications with Natural Effects

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Each of these bokeh video applications has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are the recommendations for Android smartphones.

Lately, the term bokeh is on the rise, especially for photo and video lovers who want to be displayed on social media or other platforms. As a result, there has been a proliferation of bokeh video applications that carry various powerful features.

Bokeh itself is a term for the results of a photographic or video image that has clear details in the object, while the background is left blurry or blurred. Mostly used for details of certain objects such as products, or someone's face. Want to know what applications can produce videos with bokeh quality?

Bacon Camera

This application provides interesting features for producing quality bokeh images, one of which is video. So that ordinary videos that you record become more professional with objects that look sharper and look alive.

Bacon Camera is capable of producing edited videos with high resolution, certainly worthy of publication via social media or for professional videography needs.

Fortunately again, this application supports Android users from version 4.4 and above. So you don't always have to use the latest Android version, just to produce the best videos.

Cameringo Lite

What's interesting about the Cameringo Lite is that the fisheye feature is suitable to be applied when swimming in the sea so that the image looks like a fish eye curved. This feature will also help video results with a wider shooting range.

To use the features in this lightweight application, you need to make sure it is compatible between the default HP camera and the application. The reason is, not all cellphone cameras can support the use of Cameringo Lite.

Camera MX

When you use Camera MX to produce a video, it is guaranteed that the shooting will be quiet without the slightest shake. This is due to the use of the focus lock feature, which helps make shooting more stable and precise.

The result? The details of the image will also be clearly visible, especially when you have used the blur feature in several parts. Then add access to the slow motion feature, for parts of the motion that you want to make slower.

Regarding the convenience of viewing videos, all you have to do is use the balance feature which will help make the color combination in the video more balanced. So, when the eye can see it will be very comfortable and focus on the object of the video.

Ultra Professional HD DSLR Camera

Like having the famous DSLR camera, you only need one cellphone with this application. Using this application will also not be burdensome for the cellphone, DSLR Camera does not drain memory when it is installed on the cellphone.

Its features are also quite complete, starting from video blur and adjusting the image layout so that it is more attractive to look at. Until the features of fast to slow motion settings are very necessary, especially for videos with commercial or business purposes.

Cameringo Filter Camera

This is a paid video application, where you will be satisfied using all of its features when you enter the premium paid user category.

 A must-try feature is a video quality feature with HDR options to display all moving images in a more realistic atmosphere. Only relying on cellphones that already have this application, the resulting video will look very professional.

There is another slow motion feature if you want to emphasize motion, color, and objects at certain minutes. There is also a video color enhancement feature, where this feature will automatically work to display the right color in every part of the video. 

Cinema FV-5 Lite

One of the advantages of this application is the application interface that is easy to understand. Perfect for novice videographers, who want to create their best video for the first time. Just select the features you want, then make your version of an interesting video.

In addition there is a manual control feature, which will help you find the main focus on a video. Freedom of choice will have an impact on the results of the video bokeh which will automatically adjust to the focus position of the object.

How about the video image resolution of this application? Surely it has a high resolution, can be watched on various devices with high image quality.

Videoshow Video Editor

Believe it or not, this video editor videoshow is one of the most favorite applications in many countries. Even now, its users have reached 400 million, if you look at the application profile on the Google Play Store platform.

The best features of this application include a very varied text font, so you can innovate when you want to explain a part of the video image.

There is also a background feature that can be blurred, complete by maximizing the sound quality of the video and the speed of the audio duration.

Then the theme feature when you want to make a music video to make it look more attractive, has character and matches the content of the song that is displayed.

Square Video

The features of the square video application are complete. There is a blur setting in the background, adding music to the video that you have made, then you can also make realtime edits so you can see the results immediately.

You are also spoiled by the feature of cutting out unwanted parts of the video, and reversing the position of the video to give it a unique effect. One more thing that is also needed is the music cutting feature to get the desired music part.

Blur Video

From the name alone, it is clear that this bokeh video application has the ability to blur unwanted objects. So that the video can focus on just one object, there are even several blur features that can be used.

Like Instagram No Crop, which helps you to blur the part of the video that is not symmetrical. So that the video display is back in a square shape as usual.

There's also a freestyle blur, to help you blur out the parts you don't need. For example, the bottom or top of the video, it could also be left and right. Also to minimize the focus on the outside of the video, so that people can watch your video more optimally.

Not to forget, the fun blur feature is also very useful. especially to choose what kind of blur you want, where the position and size of the blur. You only need to move your finger in the position you want to blur, then the blur process will take place automatically.

After Focus

Focus is the keyword of the After Focus application, where you can make various efforts to maximize focus on a video. Among them, focus on the front of the video so that the application will automatically make the background not clearly visible.

Likewise with the share feature that accommodates various platforms. Even easily you can share it via email and SNS. There is forgetting the focus area feature, to make it easier for you to find which areas you want to sharpen the color, appearance, and objects.

How to use this feature, it remains only to make sure the available lines cover the part you want to focus on.

There are so many new bokeh video applications, which you can choose to accommodate your love of the world of videography. If in the past the manual video results certainly looked standard and even not quality, now you can produce professional-class videos only with your favorite applications and cellphones.

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