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Descriptive essays are the most common yet among the most complicated forms of academic writing. No student can escape writing a descriptive essay in their student life so rather than whining and getting upset an essay writer need to try to learn hacks on how to impress your teacher. The most important part is to select an appropriate prompt for your essay to get started. 



Don’t worry if you have run out of descriptive prompt ideas because there are plenty of ideas that can work for you. You have to be very careful while selecting a prompt for your essay because it defines your entire essay. I will help you find some super cool and easy descriptive essay examples to help you out. You can choose any prompt example you like but ensure that it must be related to your field and interests. Do not go for generic topics that are either cliched or are too narrow that you would have less material to write about. 


Prompt Examples For Descriptive Essays

  1. Describe the strongest person you have ever met in your life?
  2. Describe the attributes of your pet?
  3. Write about the place you loved when you were a child 
  4. Describe in detail about an event or an incident that changed your life? 
  5. How to write a detailed lab report on an experiment conducted in your science lab? 
  6. Describe the steps to write a speech? 
  7. Write about the best summer vacation destination you ever visited? 
  8. Describe how did you spend your first day at school 
  9. What is your saddest memory 
  10. Choose any food and describe its attributes ie how it tastes and smells
  11.  Write about your biggest achievement in your life 
  12. Write about your personality traits 
  13. Describe the big bang theory and how it emerged 
  14. Which celebrity you would want to meet. Describe in detail. 
  15. Write about the nightmare you have ever had 
  16. Write about your pet 
  17. How would you describe your hometown? 
  18. Write about the circle of friends you have? 
  19. Write about the most embarrassing moment you have ever had? 
  20. Write about the dream place you want to live forever 
  21. Describe the personality of a person you admire the most 
  22. Your favorite book
  23. Describe your relationship with yourself 

These prompt examples must have helped you select a suitable prompt for your write my paper. Congratulations because you are done with the most important step of writing an essay. The actual task to write an essay but don’t worry about that as well as writing a descriptive essay is not a big deal. You don’t have to worry because I have an amazing tip for you to get your work done in a blink of an eye.  


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Wait then for an essay that’s going to transform your life.

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