APA and MLA Paper Format Basic Guide | 2021 Guide

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As a student, formatting your essay properly and following a specific citation style is more difficult than writing an entire essay. You have to be very specific about every little thing from headings to the font of the document and in-text citation and references. It all seems like a huge mess to sort it out. There are many paper format styles but mostly academic writing is done following either MLA or APA formatting style. 

Some students successfully write an essay but fail at formating their essay properly which leads them to get lower grades. If you find it difficult to format your essays in MLA and APA format then you don’t need to worry because it will help you understand the difference between Essay Writing Service and all the subtle differences between them in order to guide you how to write a paper. Practice makes a person perfect and yes with practice it will become easier for you to format your paper professionally.

I will share a basic guide with you regarding the APA and MLA paper format to help you make a start. 



Basic Guide of APA and MLA Format 

  • APA Format Guidelines 
  1. You have to use the font Times New Roman and 12 pt Size of the font
  2. Title Page 
  3. You need to set one-inch page margins 
  4. You have to add a running head on every page of your essay 
  5. The first line of every paragraph should be indented ½ inch 
  6. Heading 1 should be centered, Bold, Title Case Capitalization ‘
  7. Heading 2 should be left-aligned, bold 
  8. Heading 3 should be indented, bold and sentence case capitalization 
  9. Heading should be italics, bold and indented 
  10. The in-text citation style needs information about the author's last name and the year of the publication. For example (Lisa, 2020) 
  • MLA Format Guidelines 
  1. One inch margins on the bottom, top and sides 
  2. Add the name of the student, institute name, instructor Essay Writer, and date of submission at the most left. 
  3. The document should be double spaced 
  4. Add the last name of the author and page number as the header 
  5. The first word of every paragraph should be indented 
  6. Use one type of font for example Times New Roman 
  7. The font size should be 12 
  8. Headings should be bold and centered
  9. The in-text citation requires the information of the last name of the author only for example (Lisa).

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