Damavand tour - the most amazing mountain climbing experience in Iran

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Climbing a mountain is always a fun and adventurous amusement in any country. Now consider you are going to visit an interesting country like Iran but having no plan to visit the highest mountain of it! Although it would still be a memorable trip, the spice of adventure would be low. So, what is the solution? Exactly, a Damavand Tour to visit Iran and Tehran from the highest location ever.

Before giving you the exciting adventure of Damavand and the best Damavand tour, let us give you a little more information about Damavand mountain and the location. After that, you can read more about the features of a good Damavand tour and where to register and book the tour. So, let’s dive into the mountain to breathe the freshest air if it is possible!


Where is Damavand located? What you need to know about Damavand!

Damavand is the highest mountain of Iran, and middle east, located in Damavand town which is in Tehran Province. If you look at Iran’s map, you will see the mount of Damavand in the center of the northern line of Iran. It is just so fascinating to feel the whole of Iran from the over point at a height of 5610 above the ground.

Some people believe Damavand is not much safe to visit as it is a potentially active stratovolcano, but the good news is that there is no risk of volcano eruption at this time. Feeling the freshest air possible, with the breeze of snow are the most common experiences among all the tourists visiting Damavand.

If you happen to visit Damavand, don’t miss to taste the greatest red apples there as you can't taste sweeter versions of Damavand apples there. Special types of cookies and breads are some of the other interesting tastes to experience while visiting there.

Why is Damavand well-known?

Well, the importance brings fame to Damavand mount. As it was mentioned, Damavand is the highest mountain in the middle east. Besides, hundreds of legends, stories and poems are written about Damavand which bring more value to this symbol of Iran. Nowadays, Mt Damavand is one of the definite destinations of any tourist who visits Iran as there are many adventures, interesting amusements and also it is a kind of exercise!

Even if you are not interested in climbing mountains, you can simply choose the Damavand trek tour and enjoy the mountain-side in nature.

Features of a memorable Damavand tour

What is the best mount Damavand tour package? This is probably the question for those who want to visit Damavand for the first time. So, we are here to guide you! If you want to experience a perfect Damavand tour, make sure the trip contains the features below:

  1. At least 2 or 3 days to stay there as there are lots of things to do
  2. Skiing in Abali ski resort
  3. Damavand trek tour to have a distinguished journey
  4. Visiting at least 4 of the interesting locations of: RoodAfshan cave, Gol Khandan Castle, Tar lake, Tizaab Waterfall, Cheshme A’ala, Tange Lar snowfall, etc.

By the way, don’t forget to take enough pictures besides enjoying the trip!

Where to register and book for a Damavand tour of Iran?

Now it is time to book and register for a Damavand tour to experience and make the best of traveling to Iran. IranAmaze is one of the most reliable companies to buy and register for tours all over Iran. Through the website of this company you can simply find a vast range of Iran tours including Damavand tour and make it an exceptional visit to Iran. So, why are you waiting? Go check the tours now and plan for the summers and holidays. This will definitely add up to your personal passion.

Damavand tour price

Damavand tour price depends on the days of the trip, locations to visit, the hostel you settle in and extra amusements, yet it is considered as one of the most affordable tours in Iran. The Damavand tour packages start from 1 full day to 4 days and 3 nights at a price of 200 Euros to 400 Euros. Note that if you are planning to go on a vacation in a group, the price would be a little lower than the mentioned rates.

The truth is, if you visit Iran and avoid visiting Damavand, you may save 200 euros but lose a mesmerizing tour.

FAQs about Damavand tour

Can I stay overnight on the Damavand tours?

Yes, based on the package you choose, there are hotels and hostels next in Damavand town to stay overnight. Besides, you can choose to stay in Tehran and take the transportation service of the tour to visit Damavand on different days.

What is the Damavand trekking tour?

It is up to you to choose whether to have a trekking tour by the mountain side, climbing tour or just visiting sights around Mt Damavand. If you choose the Damavand trekking tour, you will enjoy the downer parts of the mountain.

Is skiing available in all seasons in Damavand?

Currently due to COVID19, Abali ski resort is closed in some weeks, but generally the resort is open to service in every season, if there is enough snow to ski on. In order to make sure whether you can ski or not, ask the tour providers to check for you.

What are the souvenirs of Damavand?

Damavand apples are so popular as they are raised by the mountain, juicy and sweet. Besides the apples, you can enjoy different types of local cookies and breads including Rhombus Halvaa. Original honey is also another great thing to taste in Damavand.

When is the best time to visit Damavand?

Make sure your visiting won’t affect any prevention of coronavirus. In order to fully be informed of the lock-downs and quarantines, ask the tour provider before booking any Damavand tour.

What clothes should I bring with me?

If you are going to visit the ski resort, don’t forget to have a few warm clothes, however the mountain side has great weather during spring and summer so you won’t really need warm clothes for the Damavand trekking tour. Maybe a cool sweater would be adequate. It is necessary to have comfortable sneakers or mountain shoes if you plan to go to the upper parts of the mountain.

Can I visit all the parts of Damavand in one day?

It depends on your interest in nature. There are many people who feel even a whole week is not enough to visit Damavand, and many people who believe 1 or 2 days are enough. At the end it is totally your preference to choose the length of the Damavand tour. Currently, due to Covid19 you may not be able to visit everywhere and a 2-days trip could be enough. 


Damavand, the highest mountain of Iran and the middle east is one of the most popular locations visited by tourists from all around the world. In this article we tried to mention useful information about the Damavand tour and the location plus what you can do there beside where you can book a Damavand tour. We hope you have an amazing trip to Iran and Damavand. 

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