How much does renting a car from Uber cost?

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Uber drivers usually face an obstacle called “the vehicle” which refers to what vehicle to choose, how much to pay, and whether it is a suitable choice or not, etc. Today, one of the main issues in choosing the best PCO car in the UK is the expenses. You may choose a personal car or decide to choose a PCO car rental plan.

Each way has its own benefits, but today we are here to discuss the expenses and cost of a PCO car hire more. So, if you are also curious to measure the cost of an Uber car rental and the side expenses, don’t miss to read the article to the end.

As you may not be familiar with PCO car hire and pco car rent for ubers meanings, we will also offer a part to explain it comprehensively so that you will understand the whole content better.

What you are going to read from this article

  • What is a PCO car hire?

  • How much does an Uber car rental cost in London?

  • Is it worth hiring a PCO car to join Uber?

  • Things to consider when you hire an Uber car rental

  • Conclusion

What is a PCO car hire?

When it comes to hire a car for joining rideshare apps, it is called PCO (Public carriage office) or PHV (private hired vehicle) cars. You can hire this PCO car from Uber directly or have an Uber car rental plan of a PCO car hire company in your region. The point is both will lead you to be a private driver and start earning.

Note that, there are a few requirements that each PCO car needs to fulfill and these requirements are set by TfL (transport for London) department of PHV. If you planned to choose your personal vehicle, you need to meet the requirements and if you hired a PCO car, make sure there is a PHV license for the vehicle (the PHV license shows the car meets all the TfL commitments).

How much does an Uber car rental cost in London?

As it was mentioned, you can either rent a PCO car from Uber directly or rent the PCO car from a third party which are PCO car hire companies. In this article we mainly focus on Uber car rental costs from Uber directly. Here is the full list of expenses at the beginning and during the rental plan. Note that we didn’t consider pre-expenses of becoming an Uber driver.

  1. The first expense is for the car itself, it can vary from £130 ($180) to £180 ($240) per week. There is also a plan that you can reduce the weekly cost to zero when you passed 75 rides in the same week.

  2. Expenses on petrol and fuel can be the next issue. Based on what car you have hired (electric or not) the costs of fuel can be different.

  3. Fines and zone expenses are the next main costs in having an Uber car rental. If you are not aware of the driving offenses or don’t know the exact zones that need to be charged (such as a congestion zone), there would be an extra expense.

  4. Maintaining the vehicle is also an undeniable cost which mostly involves the driver. If there is a crash or a supportive breakdown of the car by insurance, it is OK and if not, the expenses go to the driver.

The same costs are defined for hiring a PCO car from PCO companies but there can be a higher price for weekly rentals as the provided cars are more diverse.

Is it worth hiring a car to join Uber?

There is still serious discussion about this issue and to be honest, it is a correct discussion. Many people mainly believe the Uber car rentals aren't worth at all as you will lose both money and the vehicle at the end of the rental period. Therefore, a new plan called rent to buy was provided by the PCO car hire companies and Uber itself.

Through this program, drivers pay a higher weekly rental fee and after a certain time, when the cost of the car is paid, they can own the car. In other words, it is a kind of leasing rental car.

Then people started mentioning that it doesn’t make sense to have a personal car but join rideshare apps by renting a PCO car. But let us ask you, will you accept all the probable damages to the car? The car depreciation is the main damage that can come to you which the rental cars are not included in. Besides, you can drive a dream car which you never could afford to buy.

So, in general, it can be said whether it is worth hiring an Uber car rental if you are fine with the expenses and it isn't worth it if you prefer a personal car.

Things to consider when you hire an Uber car rental

If you decided to hire a PCO car to join rideshare apps, firstly we congratulate you on the great decision and then note the factors below before hiring the Uber car rental:

  1. The age of the car

  2. The weekly cost (compared to the model)

  3. The licenses (PHV and insurance)

And as the last thing, if you can afford, try to have an electric vehicle to both reduce side expenses (like congestion fees) and have an impact in having a better environment.


When Uber gets more and more popular, the market of PCO car hire is getting better as well. You as an Uber driver will have some choices on the vehicle to drive in this rideshare app that we mentioned earlier though it is completely your decision what to choose. In this article we tried to estimate the costs of renting a car from Uber and mention other important things in this issue. We hope reading this article would be helpful to you.

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