The best race of snake nut

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The best species of snake nuts are related to the snake of Kobra, which is the main habitat of such snakes in India, whose beads are famous for the Indian Snake Kobra neck. Due to the rarity of these species, their vertebrates are collected by indigenous people in different parts of India, which will be sold after certain customs. Indian fertilizers with special expertise in this area collect these nuts.

The best way to diagnose the snake bead is to note that the original shape of the snake nut is half a circle, which is one side smooth and the other side is a half-circle, which is the apparent shape in the Indian snake nut and The Iranian is completely identical, with the difference that the Iranian snake nut is as large as a cottage, while the Indian snake nut is the size of the finger nail size, the Indian snake nut is about 10 times larger than its Iranian type, and much of the absorption and magnetic strength Is high.

After this, I realized that there was a little bit of the bakery with a bakery, when this seller coordinated with the baker, when I came with a buyer baking you will burn several breads to make sex to customer, which, of course, for the snake nut The original from me I wanted to pay 10 million first and I thought of 20 million after a month, if the price of the snake nut is 9 million, why not receive more than the sum.

He told the seller to send me the pics of the vertebrae who wants to sell me. After a little research, I realized that the size of the vertebrae is very thumbnail that is in the Iranian Snake nut that most of the vendors of these beads are alerted with the Indian snake nut. They send customers to distinguishes the original snake nut distinction.


This study was one of our customers who, with permission from them on the site of the crimson, perhaps this experience could have a positive step in the user's information for buying snake nut. So when buying from anywhere, try to get the information you need and be able to buy more eyeballs. The last thing we mentioned above the same post is a method that we will continue to introduce to you so that you can really recognize the original and non-original snake nut.

Response to the Snake nut seller

The seller said my vertebrae is the principle of histamine. The month I paid you. .

The seller's answer to test in baker

If the bakery baker does not stick to the tenor when baking bakery, this means that your snake's nut is insignificant and has high strength. I asked every bakery could say that he did not have to go together in the city of the snake and myself should be alongside the vertees that they would happen. In the following, I asked for the cost and price of the snake nut. If you find the main snake nut, it's worth paying for more money because it is the principle and you can do all the work.

The authenticity of the snake nut test with vinegar

Because of the need for some of the materials and the compounds, the vinegar results in the evolution of some materials and compounds, which is also one of these substances. If you have any object whose compounds are from the stone and lime inside the vinegar, because with the past short time begins to parse the vinegar, and this gradual decomposition makes it movement of that object. You think that that object Moves unaware of that decomposition action is occurring.


Example of vinegar reaction

As long as we stroke inside the boat and drives water in different directions, and the boat is moving. The snake nut is also decomposed in different directions, so this action is no reason on the nut test The snake does not, while this chemical reaction, which shows its vinegar, reduces the neck of the snake and there are positive and negative magnetic loads inside the vertees, and in fact the snake nut is unusable.


Snake nut property

So note that this test is not correct in any way and the reason is not based on the principle of your beads, and it is not recommended that even for the curiosity of this test and test on your beads because with this. Practically your beads are completely unused and further understanding this issue can use the bone or egg skin to test the vinegar. In the following, we will announce a method for you to easily confirm your beads, so keep along with us.

Method of detection of original snake nut

As in the purchase of snake beads to a series of points that we have pointed out about the order and preparation of the snake nut, we should consider these points before buying a snake nut so that we can make the main product with its actual price And in the end, the main thing to note is that the method of diagnosis of the snake nut is the principle that today increases the various vendors in this field and provide different methods for customers for customers. They create that the main concern of these people is which method for testing the snake nut and what is the main test of the snake nut?


Snake nut test

Most snake nuts provide specific test methods for proving their product authenticity for their customers and announce if you test your Martan nut with this method and the test result is positive for you, indicating that your snake nut is original . The important issue we want to investigate is whether these methods are valid and verifiable, or whether these experiments are correct and does not damage the snake nut.


Snake nut test with vinegar

Most vendors are selling the vinegar test, and its testing is that you put the vertebrae inside a plate containing vinegar and after a few minutes if the beads start moving this reaction. The principle of the vertebra is that if one of the vertees slowly begins to move toward the other snake, the vertebra attracts each other, so with this, the snake nut was original and from a male snake. Has been achieved.

Detection of snake nut - Snake nut shape - Snake nut test

Today, with the advancement of technology and communication, we are witnessing that the majority of people's approach to Internet purchases and cyberspace has been pushed, hence most businesses are their position from traditional and physical methods to cyberspace and Internet sales that are in the form of The online service has been active. The expansion of technology and the Internet has made the majority of individuals to find their goods to find their own Internet so that they can provide their desired goods with diversity and prices.


Selling snake nut

Today, in cyberspace and the Internet, we see that most vendors sell this popular product in the form of online sales, but the main question raised in this article is whether the sale of the snake nut Internet is so reliable. And how can we find a credible vendor in this area and buy a snake bead. In the article, we intend to discuss the methods used to detect the snake nut so that you will continue with this.


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